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Yosef Edery
Yosef EderyManaging Director
Yosef Edery has been praised for his “unique” wisdom and understanding of the emotionally and mentally ill. He treats these unfortunate individuals with respect and brings out the best in them, allowing them to salvage their self-esteem and live fulfilling lives. Mr. Edery received rabbinical ordination from the Rabanut Harashit in Yerushalayim and Harav Ovadia Yosef z”l. He has been directing Shalvat Haim for 25 years.
Israel Ettinger
Israel EttingerExecutive Director
We are constantly receiving calls from abroad to help families with a son or daughter deteriorating due to emotional issues with no other alternative but to send their teenagers or young adults to Shalvat Chayim to receive the care they desperately need.
Tamir Shefer
Tamir SheferChief Psychologist
Every individual is treated with a personally tailored program under the expert Guidance of Tamir Shefer. “Many of these young men have been in and out of hospitals. We offer them a life in the community by creating a personal plan suited to their individual needs and abilities.” Tamir Shefer holds an M.A. in Psychology from Long Island University, and has over 20 years experience in managing Group Homes for adults with mental and emotional disabilities.
Leah Seltzer
Leah SeltzerExecutive Director
Leah first started working for Shalvat Haim when her son contracted a serious emotional illness and was admitted into the hospital. After 3 very difficult years Shalvat Haim accepted her son into their group home, and started the healing process. Thank G-d at 21 years old he is stable today and attends a full work/study program. Leah raises funds in order to allow other families to benefit from the same respite and relief that her family has received.
In her spare time she works as a medical clown.

Rachel Edery – Assistant Director

Mrs. Edery works alongside her husband, keeping the organization running efficiently

Naomi Rubinstein – Director of the Children’s Home

Dr. Amram Gafne – Chief Psychiatrist

Dr. Allan Niewodowski – Specialist in Family Medicine

Yaakov Birenbaum – House Manager of Group Home in Ramot, Jerusalem

Aryeh Brosh – Assistant Counselor

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Teichman – Counselor of Group Home in Ramot, Jerusalem

Ruti Tirrer – Director of Out-Patient Clients

Vicki Shimoni – Therapist