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Millions For Chesed

Today June 2nd, you will have a life-time opportunity to be a part of something magnificent.
Join Klal Yisrael on a day that will stand out in history as a day to remember… and join Shalvat Chayim in helping the day become a day of miracles.

We will be raising $80,000 in 24 hours.

In a unique set up, we have three donors who are willing to match YOUR DONATION dollar for dollar. That means that for every single dollar you give Shalvat Chayim will get $4! This is an amazing opportunity for you to make a real difference to emotionally and mentally  challenged young men of Shalvat Chayim

Alongside other organizations all over the world, $3 Million will be fundraised in the MillionsforChesed campaign.

Please join this virtual event on our roots funding here:

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