Letter from a mother of a Resident

  • Activites around Shalvat Haim - Chanukah

Chanukah Party 2016

Balloons, music, singing and dancing. Plus sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and other treats. Everyone lit their own Chanukiah (Menorah)

  • Asher's Story

Asher’s Story

Asher and his family lives in a city in the South of Israel he was a very intelligent and sincere young man. From one day to the next his life at the age of 22 years and that of his family turned into a nightmare. Asher started seeing things and reading prophesies on signs

  • Moshe's Story

Moshe’s Story

Another Boy Moshe found his way to Shalvat Haim through the suggestion of a good friend. Moshe is one of triplets born to a couple in New York. His mother is a gentile and his father Jewish had a miserable marriage which ended up in a vicious divorce leaving the triplets stranded to be

  • Solomon's Story

Solomon’s Story

His name is Solomon. His family would never have imagined this to happen……….. In 1986 Solomon attended Yeshiva University and was given Smicha by the most highly acclaimed Rabbis of our generation. He also received a degree as a CPA as well and for 12 consecutive years served as a Professor in one of

Accepting My Limitations With Joy

מודים אנחנו לך על חיינו המסורים בידך Thank you Father for holding my hand.  I know that my steps are much smaller than yours I know my fingers are small and slippery and I lose my breath quickly But you still hold my hand and don’t let go Sometimes I can’t see you in the