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Shalvat Chayim first opened its doors in Kfar Chabad to assist and house disabled army veterans suffering from chronic mental illnesses in 1978. Today this residential group home alone houses up to 15 men.

Due to their successful rehabilitation approach, in 1997, Shalvat Chayim expanded and now has a fully staffed group home located in Ramot, Jerusalem providing quality care and therapeutic rehabilitation to another 24 young men suffering from various psychiatric and emotional illnesses.

In addition there are semi-independent supportive apartments and foster homes around the country which are for those who do not require 24 hour supervision in a group home.

Within Shalvat Chayim’s framework, these individuals find a warm home that attends to all of their needs, including full board, laundry and cleaning services, provision of personal belongings and clothing, all in an organized, quality manner.

Since these individuals have special needs, the organization is concerned with the well-being of every person on an individual level as they are provided with the treatment that is most suitable for them. Torah study, computers, gardening, cooking, and many other types of activities are available to help the rehabilitation process. Those who are capable are aided in finding employment locally. In addition, residents are afforded excursions to various places of interest throughout Israel.

The families of the residents visit their family members at any time on any day, contributing greatly to enhancing their family relationships and their personal rehabilitation process.

The administration of the organization places primary emphasis on the location of its centers.   The underlying factor is the concern to provide a quiet, peaceful location that is conducive to maintaining a calm and tranquil atmosphere, thereby enabling this precious populace to feel that they are an inseparable part of the community.

Although residents’ personal observance of religious practices is not a requirement, all are expected to respect the need for an orthodox environment.



Individuals at least 17 years of age and above.

Group Home Services

  •     Full Room and Board
  •     Psychiatric and Medical Care
  •     Benefits Assistance
  •     Individual and Family Counseling
  •     Life Skills Management
  •     Employment Assistance
  •     Recreational Therapy
  •     Supportive Housing